Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is the final resting place of Britain's monarchs and where coronations generally occur.  The interior of Westminster Abbey contains the most impressive medieval architecture in London, ranging in style from the French Gothic of the nave to Henry VII's Tudor chapel.  In addition to crypts and tombs of monarchs one can find the final resting places (or monuments) for many celebrated British politicians, musicians, actors, and poets, including such greats as Charlie Chaplin, William Shakespeare, Frederick Handel, and Charles Dickens. The abbey also contains Britain's "Tomb of the Unknown Warrior."  Inside the chapel of Henry VII, you will find Elizabeth I's huge tomb along side the tomb containing the body of her sister, "Bloody" Mary I. 


Lady Chapel

Lady Chapel




Lady Chapel interior

Effigy of Elizabeth I

Tomb of Elizabeth I



Coronation Chair


West portal tympanum

North Entrance

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