London's West End

London's West End includes an eclectic mix of theaters, restaurants, shops, boutiques, movie theatres, gambling casinos, and hotels.  It is hard to imagine that Leicester Square, the animated heart of the West End entertainment district, was once a fashionable place to live.  The square was laid out in 1670 south of Leicester House, a long gone royal residence.  In Victorian times several of London's most popular music halls were established here including the Alhambra, replaced by the Art Deco Odeon Movie Theatre.  

London offers an extraordinary range of theatrical entertainment--this is one of the world's great stages, and at its best, standards of quality are extremely high.  The British are passionate about theatre and London's theaters reflect every nuance of this passion.  One can stroll along a street of West End theaters and find a patriotic musical classic such as Les Miserable and then find showing near an absurdly bawdy farce as Jerry Springer:  The Opera.  Amid such diversity there is always something to appeal to everyone.


Crimea Monument

Leicester Food Court

Charing Cross Hotel

Charing Cross

Charing Cross Road

Planet Hollywood



Cambridge Theatre

Intermission Queens Theatre London Coliseum
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