Wallace Collection

The Wallace Collection is one of the finest private collections of art in the world.  The collection, from the 16th – 19th centuries, was largely accumulated between 1802 - 75 by three generations of the Hertford family, and Sir Richard Wallace.  In 1897, the collection was bequeathed to the nation by Lady Wallace, wife of Sir Richard, with the stipulation that it should go on permanent public exhibition with nothing added or taken away. 

The Wallace Collection is best known for its 18th century French paintings, furniture and paintings.  Among its many other treasures are works by Rembrandt, Van Dyck, Reynolds, Gainsborough and Romney.   Highlights include Ruben's 'Rainbow Landscape', Titian's 'Perseus and Andromeda', Nicholas Poussin's 'A Dance to the Music of Time' , Frans Hals's 'The Laughing Cavalier' and Fragonard’s ‘The Swing’. 

The Wallace Collection is housed at Hertford House, which was originally built by the 4th Duke of Manchester in 1776 - 88 and is a rare example of a London town house occupying the whole northside of Manchester Square.









Sevres Porcelain

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