Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square is London's main venue for rallies and outdoor public meetings.  In some of the photos below you can see that it was recently used for a "half-pipe" skateboard demonstration.  Early in the morning it can be deserted but during the day, on weekends, and in the evening, it can become quite crowed.  It was designed by John Nash and was constructed mostly during the 1830s.  The 165 foot column ,dating from 1842, commemorates Admiral Lord Nelson, Britain's most famous sea lord, who died heroically at the Battle of Trafalgar against Napoleon in 1805.   Edwin Landseer's four lions were added to guard its base 25 years later.  They were cast from cannon recovered from the wreck of the Royal George, which sank in 1782.  Bas-reliefs, cast from captured French cannon, show scenes from Nelson's battles. The north side of the square is now taken up by the National Gallery.  Canada house is on the west side; South Africa house is on the east, and the restored Grand Buildings (built in 1890 as the Grand Hotel) are on the south. 





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