Tower of London

During its 900-year history, the Tower has been an object of fear.  Any who angered a monarch were held within its dark walls.  While many lived in comfort, the majority lived in appalling conditions--many were tortured before meeting cruel and violent deaths on nearby Tower Hill.  The Tower of London is essentially a complex made up of many different sections.  The original building is called the White Tower, and it is this structure which has given its name to the entire complex--the Tower of London. 

Today, there are 36 "Beefeaters", Yeoman Warders, who guard and live in the Tower.  But, the Tower's most celebrated residents are a colony of ravens.  It is not known when the ravens first settled here, but there is a legend that should they desert the Tower, the kingdom will fall. 

The Tower has been a tourist attraction since the reign of Charles II (1660-85), when both the Crown Jewels and the collection of armor were first shown to the public; they remain powerful reminders of royal might and wealth.

The Tower is the number one tourist attraction of London.  To avoid major crowds, it is recommended that one go in the morning when the Tower first opens.  


Tourist Entrance

Moat /Beauchamp Tower

White Tower Corner


CornerTower of London

White Tower

White Tower Entrance

Medieval Palace



White Tower

Traitors' Gate

Roman Ruins

Henry VIII Armor

Henry VIII Armor

Youth Armor

Chapel of St. John

Cannon / Tower Bridge

Powder Kegs / Cannon


The Princes in the Tower

Executioner's Mask

Executioner's Block

Tower Grafitti

Crown Jewel Guard

Sovereigns' Sceptre

State Crown and Diadem

Crown Jewel Guard

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