The Palace of Westminster

The Palace of Westminster has been the seat of the two House of Parliament since 1512.  The two chambers of Parliament are called the House of Lords and the House of Commons.  The Commons is made up of elected Members of Parliament of different political parties.  The party with the most Members forms the government and its leader becomes the Prime Minister.  The Commons formulates legislation that is first debated in both Houses before becoming law.  The faux-Gothic building was designed by Victorian architect Sir Charles Barry.  The Tower topped by the Union Jack British flag, contains over 1.5 million acts of Parliament passed since 1497and is called Victoria Tower.  In the surrounding area around the Houses of Parliament, one can see the equestrian statue of Richard I depicting the 12th-century Coeur de Lion by Carlo Manochetti (1860)  and The Burghers of Calais, a cast of Auguste Rodin's original statue in Paris.


St Margaret Street view

The Union Jack

St Margaret Street

 Windsor Insignia
Richard I Statue Victoria Tower Victoria Tower Rodin Statue
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