Changing of the Guard

at Buckingham Palace

Every summer morning at 11:30, The Changing of the Guard takes place at Buckingham Palace.  The ceremony lasts 1 hour and is a fine example of military pageantry.  The new guard, marching behind a band, comes from their barracks and takes over from the old guard in the forecourt of the palace.  One should arrive early because the pageantry draws huge crowds.
  The best viewing spot for the total pageantry is from Queen Victoria Memorial.    If one wants to view the actual changing of the guard, stand at the fence surrounding Buckingham Palace.  If it should rain, the ceremony is shortened.

The men you will see in front of Buckingham Palace (and other locations) are not just ceremonial guards but also serving soldiers. While upholding the traditions of the past, they also perform duties throughout the world as professional soldiers and are known as some of the most elite and skilled soldiers in the British Army.


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